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Scroll down to learn about eligibility and compensation for participation in the SOLARS Study.


    Eligibility Criteria

    Eligible if:

    • Pregnant – single gestation (i.e. pregnant with only one baby)
    • 18 years or older
    • Identify as Black/African/African-American or Latina/Hispanic
    • English and/or Spanish speaking
    • Less than 18 weeks gestation/pregnant (you are still eligible to apply up to 20 weeks, but we would like to start between 18-20 weeks gestation/pregnant when possible)
    • Live OR work full-time in Oakland AND reside in Alameda County

    Not eligible if:

    • Multiple gestations (twins or more)
    • Surrogate mother (a person who acts in the place of another person's biological mother)
    • Assisted reproduction (in vitro fertilization, insemination)
    • If you’ve been treated for:
      • Bi-polar
      • Psychosis



    These amounts are given as a thank you for survey responses and biomarkers (collection of saliva, blood & urine):

    Timepoint 1:

    15 - 20 weeks pregnant (plus 6 days)


    Timepoint 2:

    24 - 26 weeks pregnant (plus 6 days)


    Timepoint 3:

    30 - 32 weeks pregnant (plus 6 days)


    Timepoint 4:

    6 weeks postpartum (after delivery)


    Timepoint 5:

    6 months postpartum (after delivery)






    If you are eligible to participate, please fill out your contact information below and a SOLARS team member will reach out to you shortly!

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 510-543-1817.

    Remember this is voluntary and you can stop participating at any time.