SOLARS Community Accountability Council

The Council plays an important role in guiding the academic and community-based partnership with SOLARS by helping to develop research publication priorities and planning community events and forums to share back data for the SOLARS Study. The Council is comprised of diverse stakeholders who are interested in reducing preterm birth-related disparities and improving health equity. 

The Council strengthens links to the communities most heavily affected by preterm birth, building trust and enabling high-impact research. The Council helps ensure that the research produces results in the community, improving the lives of families in California and beyond.

Council members participates in community engagement & dissemination efforts in the following ways: 

  • Assisting with data dissemination on preliminary findings from the SOLARS study.
    • This means reviewing and approving/declining researchers access to SOLARS Data
  • Planning community events and forums to share back data from the SOLARS study with our community.
  • Co-Authoring SOLARS papers
  • Presenting research findings at local / national conferences
  • Attending monthly meetings 

Council Members

Adriana Alcala

Andria Batise

Angelica Alvarez


Brandi Gates-Burgess 

Danielle Driver-Bellino

Domonique Lindsey

Elvia Gutierrez 

Guille Vasquez-Blue

Julie Harris 

Kellye Craig Robertson


Kierra Moorhead 


Laronda Sullivan


Lashonda Williams



Rev. Bonita Kitt

Sonia Waters 



Tanefer Camara